Every guide on how to set up a raspberry pi assumes the user is using a Windows computer, but Im running Ubuntu on my computer. Any guides on how to set up/manage with a linux host computer? Thanks

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    FYI, there's a dedicated Raspberry Pi site. – Keith Thompson Jul 29 '16 at 21:08

If you just want to setup raspberry pi with raspbian(or any of the OS(es) listed here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/) use this link:


It has instructions for Windows, Linux(linux includes ubuntu), and Mac.


Perhaps you missed the linux instructions because they're the simplest, so if you are scrolling down a page filled with Windows and OSX screenshots that short paragraph could be hard to spot.

You run:

 dd if=whatever.img of=/dev/sdx 

Where sdx is the SD card device (not sdx3, which would be a partition on sdx), and whatever.img is the name of the image you want to install. Done. The end.

It might take a few minutes to complete. You can include status=progress to get a clue about have far it's gotten after how long.

You do not need to preformat the card, etc., regardless of how it was or was not previously used. Just that one command.

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