Is it possible to connect multiple sensors to different ports?

I have one working using 1 for 3.3, 9 for GPIO4 and 6 for ground based on this image https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTu-qMk1CqQI2gViyvKvooRGiOfRKgfUBecHp1JJPVbnXTHfqFFM4nyW1QKOw )

Should I also be able to use 17, 23 and 20 for a 2nd sensor?

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Yes you can. First tend I tried it, I had the sensor plugged in the wrong ports. So to call via python, you just set the new GPIO port and you can get temps from either.


Yes you can as suggested by dcole. However its always good to pull connections (vcc and gnd) enter image description here

If you see the circuit diagram I have marked the vcc and gnd pins which are used by many other pins of the lcd. It is always better to reuse the GPIO pins 1 and 6 instead of going for GPIO 17 and 20 for vcc and gnd

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