How do I change pi hole's URL?

ATM it's

I want to host a site on my pi and I might want to use the /admin url for something else. I tried changing the name of the Admin in the www directory but then the panel didnt work properly and said that there's a problem with the javascript.

  • It doesn't look to me as if this is supposed to be changed. If you head for their Github page and search for 'admin' it pulls up half a dozen different entries in half a dozen scripts. That suggests that the 'admin' value has been baked in pretty solidly - I think it might prove tricky (certainly not impossible, but liable to a few failures) to prune out all the instances and replace them with something else that worked. – goobering Aug 3 '16 at 10:40

There are many ways that you could do this, but the easiest is to change the port that pi-hole is using.

Edit /etc/lighttpd.conf and change the line that says server.port = 80 to use some other port number such as 8080. Then restart LigHTTPD using sudo service lighttpd restart, and you will be able to access the pi-hole administrative interface at

Note that if you ever re-run the pi-hole installer, it will reset this value back to the original port 80.

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    This may have changed but the lighttpd.conf file is now at /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf. That said if you want to make the change last through a pihole update you should put it in a new file called /etc/lighttpd/external.conf. – Pathead Nov 6 at 20:13

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