I'm looking into a build where weight is very important and needs to be minimized (it flies). I want to be able to detect objects and path around them, using a raspi as the brain. My first thought was perhaps a visual sensor like a webcam (would I need two of them for binocular vison?) -- the Kinect would be ideal, since it was designed to do depth detection, but it weighs 3 lbs!

What kind of hardware can I use to keep the weight of the entire build under a pound? Not looking for specific products necessarily, just a sense of what I'd need and if it's possible.


The most obvious way to detect objects would be to use ultrasonic distance sensors.

ultrasonic distance sensor

These are light-weight (a few grams) and relatively inexpensive. (E.g. Adafruit sell a range of them for $25 each).

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RPi isn't a great choice for your "brain". It's not particularly energy efficient, so you need to lug extra batteries around/fly for less time.

You're probably better off to start with something like this video development platform (of course it's a lot more expensive than a RPi though)

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