Is there any way to reconfigure default Ethernet settings on Raspberry Pi 3 with Win 10 IoT? I managed to get it working with WiFi and it does connect with my PC over Ethernet cable, but still I would like static address possibly etc.


You can do this using PowerShell if you setup a remote management session to your device.

For example:

$adapter = Get-NetAdapter `
    -Name Ethernet

New-NetIPAddress `
    -InterfaceAlias $adapter.Name `
    -AddressFamily IPv4 `
    -IPAddress `
    -PrefixLength 24 `

Set-DnsClientServerAddress `
    -InterfaceAlias $adapter.Name `
    -ServerAddresses ("","")
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    You can off course, place that code into a file called makestatic.ps and run that on your Pi once. – Piotr Kula Aug 22 '16 at 19:35

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