I'm trying to set up a script to run on startup and I found this quesiton: Running a Python script at startup

I tried adding the script to my rc.local but I can't save the file. Neither can I create another copy somewhere else and overwrite it. I keep getting permission denied.

I should note that I'm doing this from the GUI and I don't know much about debian. How do I get the file to let me add the line?

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You need to run your text editor (Leafpad, I assume) as the super user (aka root).

In LXTerminal, type sudo leafpad and hit Enter. It will prompt you for your password; after you type it in, Leafpad will start and you will be able to overwrite /etc/rc.local.

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    2020 update: now sudo mousepad filePath should be used Commented Dec 5, 2020 at 7:55

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