I'm thinking of buying a Raspberry Pi TFT such as this one.

I would look into an official adafruit one, but I don't fancy paying £35 for a 2.8" screen...

a few questions though..

  1. Is it compatible with a pi zero?
  2. How do I access the available GPIO pins, and which ones are they?
  3. Can I disable the touch-screen to have more free GPIO pins?

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Check out this tutorial, it tells you how to wire it...

I know that the adafruit screen works with the Pi Zero with a few bugs, but I am not sure what brand the eBay screen is, I suggest not to get it from eBay, there are lots of screens that are compatible for the Pi Zero.

This one works with the Pi Zero :


Take a look in Amazon, it's a lot better and comes in cheaper...

Hope I helped, up votes for this answer is highly appreciated...


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