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Is there any way to replicate one Raspberry Pi's OS and files to many? I did a project on one raspberry pi by installing few additional packages, images and a python code, and it is working now. Bu i need 5 copies of same project.

How can i do this without doing all the installations and programming on other 4 RPis.

I tried to copy and paste sd card files, but my Linux Mint and Windows is not displaying sd card contents

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  • The "duplicate" is a solution, but is a sledgehammer approach for 4 copies (and is quite dated). You can copy card images using dd or a SD Copier or use rsync (which is probably the fastest). The latest Raspbian can copy to a SD Card mounted in a reader. Unfortunately I can't add a detailed answer. – Milliways Aug 16 '16 at 0:39

A more generic answer is to use dd or the "disk dump" utility. If you are doing this on a large scale there are sdcard dupelicators that can make many exact copies of other sdcards.


The same SD card cloning tools you used to program the image in the first place can be used to take a copy from the SD card that's already set up: How can I copy the same image to many SDs?

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