Is it possible, and how would I go about, removing the password from TightVNCServer on Raspbian?

I would like to run it without a password as I only access over LAN, and I am the only user, so I have no need for a password and its a pain in the backside putting it in every time.

Thanks Jon


One way is to create a password file and use it (One time configuration).

Step 1 - (only if you do not have tightvncserver) - Install tightvncserver

  • sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

Step 2 - Create a password file using vncpasswd command

$ vncpasswd
Using password file /home/user/.vnc/passwd
VNC directory /home/user/.vnc does not exist, creating.
Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)? n

Step 3 - Connect using vncviewer, this time using password file -

$ vncviewer remotehost.com -p ~/.vnc/passwd

Step 4 - Create an alias so that you do not have to type command all the time -

  • Edit ~/.bashrc file

    $sudo nano ~/.bashrc

  • Add this line to end of file

    alias connect_pi_vnc="vncviewer remoteaddress:port -passwd ~/.vnc/passwd"

  • Reload profile ~/.bashrc

    $source ~/.bashrc

Step 5 - Now you can connect to your raspberry without password -


And there you go!! You can access pi without typing a password and a long command.

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  • thanks. will try it later, but looks good. – Jon Aug 16 '16 at 8:25
  • Just realised this is for a connection from a linux machine - I am connecting from a Windows machine – Jon Aug 16 '16 at 12:04
  • You can use the same tools with windows. You can use this command to create alias on windows : doskey connect_pi_vn="vncviewer remotehost.com -p path_to_passwd_file" – Tanuj Aug 17 '16 at 6:44

There may be a way of setting a null password, but I suggest you create a public key, and install in your Pi.

cp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

There are many ways to generate keys, depending on platform.

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