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I posted a question on Software Recs to find S/W enabling "auto configured" remote access to RPi.
Light weight alternatives to Teamviewer on Android, Raspberry type devices & Tiny linux distros?

Due to lean-ness of RPi, it seems unlikely that I'll find some software that works.

Is there some way (hacky or not) to do this on the RPi the way that Remote Utlities facilitates RDP?

Now, given that RDP / xRDP are working on RPi would it be possible to create/ leverage a mechanism or something like Remote Utilities that facilitates RDP via an ID mechanism / tunnel


The RDP-over-ID feature allows you to connect to a remote computer over the Internet using the RDP protocol even when the remote computer is not directly accessible due to a firewall. Instead, an Internet ID connection is used as an encrypted “tunnel” to facilitate the RDP connection.

This feature is invoked automatically when you try to connect in the RDP mode to a remote PC using its "Internet ID" instead of the IP address.

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