i'm aware that usual Ubuntu is recommended for the PiNet-server and Raspbian is served to the clients (Raspberry Pi's), but since PiNet is something like an "advanced fat client solution" of Terminal Server... i'm asking is it somehow possible to spread Ubuntu MATE, or other images (like OSMC or LibreELEC) to the clients?

if not, makes it sense to look further in a direction using Raspberry Pi's Ubuntu MATE or OSMC via qemu/kvm on the server and spread it with the usual LTSP to the clients?


Just have a look at the official documentation. It seems like, it is a guide, how to install Pi-Net using Ubuntu Server. But the script which you have to install on the server automatically provides Raspbian to it's client-RasPi's, so I don't think it would be easy, using another distro, even though Raspbian and Ubuntu are both based on Debian.

But: If someone out here has made a positive experience about this, please tell us, I'm very interested in, if that works regardless of the ambition to just bring Raspbian to school.

  • for sure i read the documentation/guides and summarized the "recommendations" in my question... so it is clear that there won't be a "1-click-solution" but i asked is it somehow possible. – DJCrashdummy Aug 30 '16 at 17:15
  • regarding ...if that works regardless of the ambition to just bring Raspbian to school.: i'm not sure what you want to achieve but i'f you've got usual clients several cases are possible with LTSP. – DJCrashdummy Aug 30 '16 at 17:25

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