I bought myself TP-WN823N WiFi dongle for my Pi Zero. I can't connect with WiFi. I looked with lsusb and found that it isn't connected as USB device.

I have USB hub (non-powered) where I have keyboard and mouse and that WiFi dongle. I have also tried to connect that WiFi tongle alone but still no activity light.

Is it possible that Pi Zero doesn't support that WiFi dongle?

I am using Raspbian 4.4.11+ and powering with 1A. I think the power isn't limit cause I use 0.5A with keyboard and mouse.


The dongle is supported. You can't find the dongle via lsusb, this means the dongle isn't not connected. You have a non-powered usb hub with a keyboard and mouse, this seems like the problem. Even if the dongle is getting .5A, that may not be enough. Note, this can also be a problem of the hub, the hub can also be drawing more power than expected. This is a simple thing to verify, just unplug the hub and connect the wifi adapter directly to the board and see if it's detected (you can use a bash loop to keep running lsusb).


First connect raspberry pi zero to internet via usb cable to your phone in tethering mode. Update and upgrade distro

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