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Which Raspberry operating systems are available for download as an SD card image and what size should the SD card have to run it?

Related: Definitive list of OS, but I want ready to use SD card images only.

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Is actually an operating system installer, not an OS itself.


Official download.

A Debian derivative. Available as a normal version (4 GB card needed) and Lite version (512 MB).

Ubuntu Mate


Based on Ubuntu.



Lightweight Linux distribution. Images are no longer maintained for Raspberry. Installation is done from tarballs now with manual setup of partitions and file systems, see here.


Direct download

Fedora based. No longer maintained. For Raspberry Pi 1 only.



Fedora based. Raspberry 2 and 3.



A small operating system focusing on network connectivity.

Download openwrt-brcm2708-bcm2708-sdcard-vfat-ext4.img for Raspberry Pi 1.

Download openwrt-brcm2708-bcm2709-sdcard-vfat-ext4.img for Raspberry Pi 2/3

OSMC (formerly RaspBMC)


Open source media center.

Windows 10 IoT Core


Can run Universal .NET Core apps.



Turns your Pi into an arcade station.


Download (2 GB card needed)

OS running with small CPU and memory footprint. Is not a Linux derivative.

Plan 9

Direct download

Experimental Unix clone. Read the Newbie Guide, e.g. to know that the Del key kills programs.


Download for Pi 1, Download for Pi 2



Based on FreeBSD 11.

Nard SDK

Download (16 MB card min, 1GB recommended)

For embedded systems, a robust in-RAM only distro.

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