I have connected a Rpi zero module to an USB hub(unpowered) and using one port for a 3G stick. 2 other ports are being used for Keyboard and mouse. I was able to install wvdial and update the .conf file as per the APN details for the service provider. Here is the photo of the wvdial.conf file,

Wvdial.conf for Congstar UMTS stick

Now i ran the following line

Sudo wvdial congstar &

The terminal then hangs with the following lines being displayed. Internet connectivity works after maybe one minute. But the terminal stays frozen as below

Dont know what to do! hope for the best?

The internet works just fine. But I have to restart the terminal everytime i hit the command to start the stick. Any ideas ? Something wrong in my .conf file?

I use the same with a Rpi 3 model and it works just fine without any warnings.

Cheers in advance!

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Reading the f*****g manual: i.e. the manpage for wvdial(1):

: "... If all of this fails, wvdial just runs pppd(8) and hopes for the best. It will bring up the connection, and then wait patiently for you to drop the link by pressing CTRL-C."
So I do not think it is doing anything wrong, it is just sitting there, reporting stuff on stdout/stderr (the terminal screen) until you quit (with <Ctrl>-C) or you can send it a SIGINT {sudo kill -2<the pid Of wvdial> } from another terminal window or remote login.

BTW Given that you are using a name and password of "tm" for both and the remote end is not responding to them - or anything else, you may actually have a case where Stupid mode could be on!


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