I'm using Raspbmc. I can drop to the console by using the 'off' button in the XBMC UI and then pressing Esc.

However, how do I return to XBMC from the console? Typing exit in the console returns me to the XMBC UI. However, once I did this, I cannot return to the console from the UI. Now the intermediate screen that asks me to hit Esc doesn't appear anymore and the console reappears immediately. I can work in the console, but after a minute or so, the XBMC UI just takes over.

Is using exit to leave the console wrong? What do I need to do to correctly restart XBMC after spending time in the console?

  • First of all, I tried to recreate the problem and the latest version never seems to send me to that console hitting escape. That said, I trust you know the password and user (it's in the faq pi:raspberry) and in case you didn't know, hitting ctrl-alt-Fn n=2..? gives you other consoles in case you are only after some console and not that particular one (if yes please tell us why).
    – Max
    Mar 16, 2013 at 12:58
  • I'm not at home to try , but what about this "sudo initctl start xbmc"
    – Jamiro14
    Apr 29, 2013 at 8:52

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You can start or stop XBMC from the terminal using upstart.

$ sudo initctl start xbmc
$ sudo initctl stop xbmc



Re:Answer1, I had a similar problem, after doing $ sudo initctl start xbmc I got a message saying it was already running, I typed $ startx ...and I got back into Raspxbmc.

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