I recently bought a nano thermal printer from adafruit to complete a project but I am having troubles with the printer. I though I had wired it up right on my Raspberry Pi A+ but wasn't able to get it to print a test page off the Raspian Jessie OS. I know the printer works because I can print the information sheet by pressing the button on the back. I have switched the RX on the printer to the TX on the pi and vice versa. I installed CUPS on another raspberry pi and put the SD card back in the A+ and still no luck. Theres lots of information on the tiny thermal printer not much info on the nano thermal printer. If anyone finds anything it would be a great help!

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  • Does the printer work hooked up to the 'other' Pi? – recantha Sep 9 '16 at 14:37
  • I only have one pi that is compatible and thats the A+ the other pi apparently isn't compatible but I tried it anyway with no luck. Earlier I had it hooked up to ground and 5v and I tried to print a test paper and the whole pi crashed and a tiny bit of paper came out so I tried restarting it but it kept crashing (I assume a power draw issue) and a little bit more paper came out until I had a small piece with a bit of gibberish on it. – Tyler Anthony Sep 9 '16 at 15:29
  • Just to clarify that was the A+ that had a little bit of paper come out – Tyler Anthony Sep 9 '16 at 15:46
  • Is there anyway that you could share how you have it wired up, say by drawing us a circuit diagram? – Mohammad Ali Sep 10 '16 at 1:56

Okay I got it printing! I attached it to 5v and ground and the pi. I Switched the RX from the printer to TX on the pi and vice versa. It wasn't getting enough power from the usb alone so I attached a battery pack to the other 5v and ground.

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  • I think the real problem was you connecting the ground from your Pi to the ground on the printer, also can I post it as an answer to get those few points? – Mohammad Ali Sep 10 '16 at 17:15

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