I am making a year long Raspberry Pi time lapse, I have a script that takes a picture every day but if there is power cut, the Pi turns off, and the script is stopped so I need the Pi on 24/7—any ideas?

BTW I am using PoE to power the Pi because I have it at the end of my garden.


You could consider a powerbank like this one to deal with power interruptions, provided they are no longer than a few hours. This power bank is also a wifi router, though you might be able to find one that isn't. Most important feature is the fact that it can be recharged by plugging it in to an outlet - so you can insert the powerbank into an electrical outlet, and it will power your rPi directly from the outlet when there is power, and from the built-in battery when there's none. Just note that this is an indoor item, so you would need to build/buy an enclosure for the unit to keep it safe.

enter image description here


Since your setup incorporates a POE switch to power the Pi, you need to guarantee the availability of that switch, which will in turn guarantee the availability of the Pi. The link below is for a smallish form-factor model UPS for £65, which wont break the bank and ensure the Pi and the POE switch stay up:


As a bonus, the extra sockets on the UPS allow you to additionally guarantee your Internet availability too. HTH with your project-

enter image description here

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