I bought a USB switch, an Aten US424. It works perfectly on every computer but not on my Raspberry Pi 3 with Retropie.

How can I solve or at least troubleshoot the issue?

  • [disclaimer] I don't have experience with retro-pi, but I will assume you have access to a terminal so you can run some commands to find out whats going on.

  • I have successfully used a similar USB switch out of the box.

first check if the USB device was detected using


if it not detected, it might be because of one of a few causes

  • Insufficient power supply (best to use a reliable 5V/2.5A wall wart supply)
  • Driver issue (unlikely given many USB devices are well supported)

Try sudo raspi-update to get the latest firmware updates and check again. See this for details on what it does. I'd recommend trying this on a spare microsd card / after backing up your card image to avoid messing up your existing setup in case something goes wrong.

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  • You will have to apt install usbutils if lsusb isn't installed. – goldilocks Sep 15 '16 at 18:39
  • Thanks for your help! I have been testing tonight with more attention and it seems like my problem is 100% related to damn Xbox360 Wireless Receiver. Anything else works great :( I also used 5v power input for my Usb Switch, no joy :( – Pitto Sep 15 '16 at 23:04

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