I have a pi3, pi camera and kookye 3.5"lCD. On power up the OS is displayed on the 3.5 screen and the touchscreen works fine. When I run the camera it doesn't out put to the 3.5lcd. Likewise when I play video it doesn't output to 3.5lcd. When I attach HDMI the OS is still displayed on the 3.5lcd however the video and camera output are shown on the HDMI.

How do I change the camera and video output to display on 3.5lcd.

I'm new to raspberry so explanation will have to be simple. Any help appreciated.

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If the screen is operating from the GPIO pins (I must admit I'm not familiar with the Kookye 3.5" LCD) then the short answer is: you don't. From the picamera FAQ:

5.4. The preview doesn’t work on my PiTFT screen

The camera’s preview system directly overlays the Pi’s output on the HDMI or composite video ports. At this time, it will not operate with GPIO-driven displays like the PiTFT. Some projects, like the Adafruit Touchscreen Camera project, have approximated a preview by rapidly capturing unencoded images and displaying them on the PiTFT instead.

As mentioned in the answer, you can approximate the camera's preview but be aware that it generally lacks the "smooth" framerate that the "real" preview system manages (simply because there's a lot more work involved).


You need a program which copies the hardware-accelerated preview from the HDMI/Composite output to a Linux Framebuffer.


would be a good choice.

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