I using a HMC5883L with the i2c library. I am using this code to get the direction it is facing

from i2clibraries import i2c_hmc5883l

hmc5883l = i2c_hmc5883l.i2c_hmc5883l(1)

But this prints all of the axises and I just want the x-axis but I do not know how just get the x-axis alone so I can compare x values. If anyone knows how to do this your help would be greatly appreciated.

  • This isn't a Pi specific question. Assign hmc58831 to a variable and use standard Python functions to extract the information you want. Search for Python tutorials.
    – joan
    Sep 17, 2016 at 20:00

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you can find sample code for HMC5883 over here.

here you will find c,java,python and micro python code. just to get X axis look at this section.

xMag = data[0] * 256 + data[1] if xMag > 32767 : xMag -= 65536

zMag = data[2] * 256 + data[3] if zMag > 32767 : zMag -= 65536

yMag = data[4] * 256 + data[5] if yMag > 32767 : yMag -= 65536

So all you need to do is, read the first 16bit.

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