My TEAC hifi has a usb input. I have prevously used a USB key with mp3's to play music fro the flash drive.

Does anyone have an idea if it is possible to stream music from the pi running raspbmc ( brillant, btw!) to this usb input?

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The short answer is no, since the Pi works as a USB host, and cannot be connected as an USB device ("slave"). The micro-USB port on the Pi is for power only, and doesn't connect the data lines.

The more complex answer is that hardware-wise, model A of the Raspberry could work as an USB device, connected through what is normally it's host USB port. Model B is wired differently, with an USB hub, and cannot work as a host. See this thread on the Raspberry forum. Anyway, there are no drivers for this functionality yet.

  • Thanks - just learned something about the dual modes of USB ports! Mar 21, 2013 at 19:31

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