I am trying to restore a backup to a new SD card. Because I appear to have used an obscure backup process, the contents of the boot partition are in one place, and the contents of the other partition in another. I am trying to replicate the old SD card by replicating the original partition structure and then dumping the files into the new SD card.

However, I don't know what the name of the other partition should be, or whether I need to respect any other parameters of the old SD card in order that it works properly. I think it was something along the lines of sfd1 (something like that), but I can't remember for certain.

In order to reinstate the backup, I presume I need to restore the boot partition and the other partition to whatever the previous name was. Can anyone tell me what the default name of the other partition is likely to be, or whether I can find the correct name by searching perhaps the content of the boot backup?

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What should the name of my non-boot partition be?

It doesn't matter. As far as I've ever noticed it doesn't have a name. It certainly isn't required for anything.

What is important is that it contain the correct filesystem type, which is ext4. Beware that MS Windows does not play nice (or, at all) by default with ext4 filesystems and unless you find some software to make it happen, you cannot do this from a Windows box.

Conversely, the boot partition must FAT32/VFAT and the device must be formatted with an MBR (the last part is probably normal for any SD card oriented tool).

  • Thanks. For the benefit of future readers, I am setting up from a Mac, and I use an app called fuse-ext2 to help me write an ext4 partition. Sep 26, 2016 at 14:30

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