Is there any way for me to use my laptop screen as a screen for my Pi (Model B)? The cost of a HDMI to VGA converter as well as a good monitor with HDMI connectivity are a little high.

I have a Raspberry Pi Model B. Unfortunately, the model comes only with an HDMI and Component port for output and not VGA.

As an experiment, I am trying to share the video output of the device directly to my laptop using internet.

Since, I cannot RDP without an operating system present on the device, is there an alternative solution?

Any way of using the GPIO ports provided?

Thanks in advance - Ananth


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You have to 1) flash to an SD card a distro like raspbian then 2) power up your Raspberry Pi and access it via SSH using a client like PuTTY on your laptop (on the same LAN) with default credentials reported in your image, for raspbian defaults are:

  • Host Name: raspberrypi
  • username: pi
  • password: raspberry

Then you can use the command line from laptop to the Raspberry Pi. If you want/have to use raspberrypi's IP and you have a router then access its backend and find the list of network devices, just look for "raspberrypi" hostname.

If you want graphical interface, you can 3) install a vnc server via command line to get all candies.


If you have a screen with a DVI input, you may use an HDMI to DVI cable to connect the Pi, it works great.

If you have a TV with a HDMI input, you may use it as well.

Anyway, you are going to need an OS on the SD card to use the Pi.


If you have older laptop then search for S-Video input. If you have it, then CVBS to S-VIDEO convertor should be much cheaper.

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