Observation 1 : When I power on my Pi3 without a Micro SD card (8gb / 16 gb), both PWR & ACT show as RED color. PWR as Dark RED & ACT as Light RED color.

Observation 2 : When I insert a micro SD Card & power on, some time ACT bilking With Green, Orange Then Constantly on with RED color. I tried both (8gb & 16 GB card) but no luck.

Question 1: Is it SD card issue ?

Question 2: Or is it a micro SD card slot problem ?

Question 3: Or is it a usb power cable (AC Adaptor Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.3A OutPut - 5.2V -- 2.0A) problem ?

Question 4: Is it an issue with Raspberry Pi 3 Board ?


1. both 8gb & 16gb micro SD card detect well in Windows 10 PC with CARD Reader & also showing required boot files for Raspbian.

2. FORMAT the SD card in FAT32 file system.

3. Raspbian not booting from SD Card probably Card not detecting.

4 Two types of SD Card I tested "Transcend 8GB @4 HC" & "Samsung 16GB EVO @10 HC I "

SD Card Bootable Process

Option : 1

  1. SDFormatter Full Erase with FORMAT SIZE OPTION ON

  2. Win32 Disk Imager to write Raspbian img to sd card.

Option : 2

  1. MiniTool Partition Wizard Format sd Card to FAT 32 - Primary partition.

  2. WinFlashTool to write Raspbian img to sd card with check box "Resize the last Ext2FS partition (3766M) to the end of the storage device using resize 2fs

Option : 3

  1. Format sd card in windows 10 with Fat 32

  2. copy & past boot-able files into sd card.

Option : 4

  1. Format sd card in windows 10 with Fat 32

  2. Unzip then copy & past NOOBS files into sd card.

*** Nothing work

  • The "ACT" LED is Green. It cannot show any other colour, so you should update your question with your actual issue. I assume you are using a Pi3 in the "Official" case. This has a rather poor plastic filter over the LEDS, and when the PWR LED is lit the red output shows through both cutouts in the case.
    – Milliways
    Sep 29, 2016 at 3:17
  • @Milliways: you are right, 2 RED lights due to Pi3 "Official" case.
    – LeoQns
    Sep 29, 2016 at 7:08

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I have a feeling the card has not been written correctly to be bootable. Please share the steps you took to create a bootable disk.

The green flashing usually indicates the disk is detected/recognized but it turning orange or red might indicate it was unable to boot properly. However i have never encountered this before and I could be wrong.

Common mistakes and problems include (I am not saying you did)

  • formatting the disk as NTFS and copying over the files over into the disk.
  • downloaded image is corrupt / incomplete but was written on the card anyway

Assuming you are have access to a Windows machine, recommend going over the steps listed here and checking if any have been skipped or overlooked.

Found some more tips here

  • Thanks for your information, let me check. The 2 RED light issue solve. So I updated my post.
    – LeoQns
    Sep 29, 2016 at 7:24

Now ultimately success with NOOBS & silentinstall Without Keyboard & Monitor. Patience is the key here.


1. SD CARD : "Samsung 16GB EVO @10 HC I"

2. From Windows 10 Laptop (OS Win 10 Pro 64 bit) using SDFormatter Full Erase sd card with FORMAT SIZE OPTION ON.

3. Unzip then copy & past NOOBS files into sd card.

4. Edit recovery.cmdline file on the SD-Card with silentinstall

5. Insert sd card into Pi3, power on, connect Lan / Ethernet cable.

Then wait..wait..wait. Patience is the key process in this step & also check your ACT LED (Green) blinking time to time, it means Raspbian installing.

5. Install Advanced IP scanner into your PC / laptop to search if you found any device Name: raspberrypi.mshome.net (in My case), Manufacture : Raspberry Pi Foundation with a valid Mac & IP Address.

6. Use PuTTY connect to Raspbian.

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