When I try and use any form of the internet, such as, apt-get, npm, the browser itself, etc, it hangs and cannot connect. However, when I ping, it can resolve hostnames and gets replies!

I can SSH to it from inside the local network too.

I've been having this issue and I can't find the solution anywhere!

I'm using the RPi B+ Model 1 if that helps

  • Can we see error messages and the output of ifconfig and netstat -rn? Sep 29, 2016 at 15:14

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The only time I have read about anybody having those kinds of errors the solution seems always to be to start with a fresh new copy of Raspian.

But there is a better solution:

To protect against wierdnesses like this I use Win32DiskImager to save .img files periodically when the system is running correctly. That way I can always restore my system back to a known good condition. I name the image files with the date, i.e. 2016-09-29.img

This way it restores any customization I have made so I do not need to start fresh and try to remember everything I have done with the system since the original install.

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