I am having a strange problem.

I just finished setting up my wonderful Raspberry Pi, and it works great, except for the fact that it is not compatible with my wired Mac OSX Keyboard. I can type perfectly well - letters and numbers work fine. But, if I attempt to write ", the output is @. If I write the @ symbol, " comes out. This is extremely annoying - I was hoping to use the Raspberry Pi to test LAN networks in Python, and the " symbol is essential.

How can I remap my keyboard to fix this?

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I found the answer on the official forums. Thank you DancingMan.


  1. Open Terminal as a root user

    Go to other>X-Terminal as root (GKsu)

  2. Type in the reconfigure command

     dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
  3. Follow the prompts

Hopefully that was helpful - this issue had been bugging me for hours!


Also in GUI
Raspberry Pi Configuration
Localization tab
Keyboard (Canada) # in my case!

Then fonts should work correctly


On Raspberry Pi Jesse.

Preferences -> Mouse and Keyboard Settings -> Keyboard tab -> Keyboard Layout -> United States:English(US)

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    What has "Jesse"(sic) to do with Wheezy?
    – Milliways
    Mar 8, 2017 at 6:28

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