I downloaded and dd latest image of Raspbian Pixel on sdcard of Raspberry Pi 3. I activated VNC interface from Menu> Preferences> Raspberry Pi Configuration. Raspberry Pi is connected to the wifi and I access it on my iPad mini using VNC Viewer app. Also no HDMI is connected to Pi.

Now the problem is I only get resolution of 656x416 which is too small for doing stuff. Since I didn't manually edit any file using terminal, I don't know how to increase it. I think I need to edit a vnc file and pass parameters. Please help me fix resolution.


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Found a fix, edited /boot/config.txt

enabled these configs:


Note - on some versions of Pixel you may need to create this file as it may not exist. For example using a Kali Linux version and this file did not exist but worked for a headless implementation once created after a reboot.


In the desktop menu, go to Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration and click the "Set Resolution" button. Or, from the terminal, run sudo raspi-config and choose Advanced Options > Resolution.

If you have a monitor attached, it will show a list of modes supported by the monitor. If you don't have a monitor attached, it will show a list of the most common modes.

If you want a mode that isn't listed, you will need to edit /boot/config.txt as described here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/config-txt/video.md

You will need to reboot your Pi for the new mode to take effect.


Increase frame buffer in configs file:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

by uncommenting these lines:


and then

sudo reboot
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