I'm trying to connect MATLAB with raspberry pi 2 b+. have already instlled the raspberry pi addon on MATLAB at the host LAPTOP.

The configuration - Matlab(Host LAPTOP)-<---->ETHERNET<---->RPI2_B+

I didn't use the raspberry pi addon OS installation because the RPI is already operating with Raspbian Jessie pixel.

So I need to configure the RPI interface with Matlab. Reading at this LINK got me understand that the RPI need to be configured with a "MATLAB Server" and a "MATLAB Daemon".

As the second command on link describes, the command should look like this (also found that on matlab but no documentation available)-

setupMATLABServer(ssh, scp)

The SSH is the RPI ip for my understanding, the SCP is the command for coping files, so what should I put there to make it work?


Type in


in MATLAB and configure the settings.

MATLAB will download a file called raspberrypi_firmware_16_2_0.zip.

Unzip it and open the image file.

Copy the entire /opt to your existing installation.

The location /opt/MATLAB/server_v16.2.0/ is where the binaries live.

To start MATLAB run

sudo /opt/MATLAB/server_v16.2.0/matlabd   <PORT NUMBER>

The port number is usually 18732 or the one you set.

To run the UDP daemon run

/opt/MATLAB/udp_ip /boot/iflist.txt

After this MATLAB should work.

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