In the Raspberry Pi menu (the "Start"-like interface you get by pressing Super aka Windows key) there are programs organized in folders (or submenus) depending on their category.

The Pi is going to be used at school and Musescore will be used to teach, not to play music, so I don't think A/V is the right category for that program.

Instead, I'd like to move it to the Education tab that appeared after installing GeoGebra.

I'm running Raspbian Jessie with Pixel Desktop on Raspberry Pi 3. I have Internet connection and a lot of free space, so I can install programs if needed.

Is there any way to do this?

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Open the start menu (I, too, just learned it's apparently called start menu..) and find your program. Right click allows you to select Properties.

In the window that opens, you find a line labeled Target file which specifies the path to this application's .desktop file which determines the menu-subcategory.

Open said target file (e.g. using nano /path/to/target/file.desktop) and change the line labeled Categories. It should continue to contain "Application", but the other entry should change from whatever it is right now to (probably) "Education". Unfortunately, I have neither an Education nor an A/V submenu, so I don't know the exact phrases - but if this doesn't work, you can just open the target file for the application GeoGebra and simply copy the Categories-line.

After saving the change, the application should move to the new submenu.

  • Thanks! I too thought it could have to do with the .desktop file, but I was unsure on the lines to edit
    – Manchineel
    Commented Nov 4, 2016 at 15:49

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