Is it possible to connect via GPIO Touchscreen like this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-7-SG5984-FPC-V1-1-SG5984-SG5984-FPC-V1-1-SG5984-FPC-Touchscreen-Capacitive-Digiziter/32663044297.html?ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2_10091_10090_10088_10089,searchweb201603_1&btsid=74329f22-4168-4468-bf07-f924bbaf814a to RPI 3? What drivers should I use for it?

Yeah, I know, that there are HDMI touchscreens, but they are very expensive for me and I am looking for cheap alternatives, like Touchscreen, link I provided above.

Thank you!


This is the touch only, without the needed controller. One could employ GPIOs for this but there are simply too many needed, much more than the Raspberry has, and building an interface circuit would cost more than using a touch with an integrated controller.

Those come in USB or I2C flavor. USB ones usually work out of the box because they conform to the USB-HID specification. Most I2C ones need a special driver, though I2C-HID also exists.

When you really need it cheap, look for a resistive (foil) touch instead. 15" ones cost about $20 for a single piece incl. controller. No multi-touch then, of course.


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