I have a Raspberry Pi 2 running Open Source Media Center (aka OSMC), and when it runs, I hear a very high frequency hissing noise coming from the Pi.

In my family, I am the only one able to hear this (as well as the one able to hear some noise from the dimmer of my desk lamp), but it's extremely annoying, mostly because the Pi is located in my room and this forces me to turn it off when I go to sleep.

Another thing I have noticed is that a Raspberry Pi 3, which I have also been using lately, does not produce that awful sound. Is this normal? What can I do about this? Or is my Pi just broken?


It may just be you (your family cant hear it) or it might not, either way try a USB sound card it's pretty cheap.

also just saying this seems like a duplicate from: 3.5 mm jack starts to "hiss" after sound is played

however there weren't any real good answers except for the USB sound card

  • Nope. The sound does not come from speakers. IT COMES FROM THE BOARD ITSELF. – Manchineel Nov 12 '16 at 15:33
  • Also, in many circumstances, I noticed that being very young I hear high-frequency sounds that others cannot hear. – Manchineel Dec 26 '16 at 10:16

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