After setting up Jesse 09/23/16 on 8GB SD Card, the Pi booted fine and I played around with the X-Windows environment. Upon "Shutdown", and power recycle, there is no HDMI display. I do get the rainbow upon powering up, the green and red LED flicker, followed by the red LED staying solid on, and greed one flickering once, at random interval. The IP address on Pi is still not set, as I haven't configured the WiFi yet. Has the Pi lost the display driver?


What does "played around with the X-Windows environment" mean?

For whatever reason the Pi can't find an image to boot.

With current firmware, a coloured splash screen (actually its just four pixels "blown up" by the GPU to full screen) is displayed after GPU firmware (start.elf) is loaded. This should be replaced by linux console a second later. However if the coloured screen remains, it suggests the kernel.img file is failing to boot. Try replacing it with a known good one.

  • Thanks for the response. The issue was, HDMI port wasn't generating strong enough signal, and the display was starved; hence, went blank. I added an external 5V power line to the HDMI cable and everything works well now. Thanks again – I_Guest Nov 17 '16 at 0:10

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