I would really like to build a product with a Compute Module as its core. But the current module is essentially a Raspberry Pi 1 and the computing power would not be sufficient.

When the Compute Module was released I read somewhere that upcoming modules would be mainly pin compatible, so I thought there would be new versions with the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 processor. 2.5 years later there are still none.

Are there any trustworthy sources claiming there will/will not be new versions?

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This is only the first link I found mentioning it, but yes a new compute module is planned and has been mentioned in several interviews with Eben Upton (head of the Pi Foundation - I don't think it gets more official).


It can be yours, Gov. for the princely sum of around £164 + V.A.T. from Farnell for a one off CM3 and the Development Kit (they have several hundred in stock as of the time of writing), provided you are a UK company.

As a private person, Farnell will probably direct you to their consumer arm C.P.C. who have a few for £125 + V.A.T. at present. I note that CPC do have the original CM + Dev Kit for (£59 + V.A.T.) and you should be able to drop the CM3 (possibly not the Lite one as that needs an external flash like normal RPi units - although it is possible that a new, common Dev PWB is now offered which takes any of the CM/CM3/CM3Lite types) for £22 + V.A.T. currently into the set up and save a bit more. YMMV, prices can change, other suppliers may be available etc...

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