I have a shell script that uses a mapfile command.


mapfile all_lines < "/var/www/weewx/temp.txt"


If i run the shell script from the command line as in:


it runs without error.

if however I run it from crontab I get the following error:

/home/pi/WeatherCam/overlay.sh: 10: /home/pi/WeatherCam/overlay.sh: mapfile: not found

Can anyone explain why this occurs and how to fix it? Thanks for and and all help!!!

EDIT: from another forum it was suggested I change it to a bash script (#!/bin/bash) and that solved the problem... it now runs without error from crontab. The strange thing is when I ran $ which mapfile nothing is returned? (see answer below) all quite confusing!

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When run under cron, your environment is not passed in, so within your script, you often need to specify the full path to binaries. For example:


/usr/local/bin/mapfile all_lines < "/var/www/weewx/temp.txt"


You'll need to find what the real path is. which mapfile may be of help.

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