I started working with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module and 2 PiCamera after long time. I lost all the notes about our old class project, I quite don't remember all our procedures

Each camera is connected and works well (Tried raspistill/raspivid command).

I found this instruction stored into a .sh file that "should" start the stream of the 2 cameras.

sudo uv4l --sched-rr --driver raspicam --video_nr=0 --stereoscopic-mode=side_by_side --encoding=mjpeg --width=1280 --height=480 --server-option='--port=9000'

I am able to access in ssh mode to my Raspberry and launch this sh file. I would to receive the video stream in my computer. I tried to record stream with VLC but adresses like http://:9000 does not work.

Can anyone help me whit these problems
1) the .sh script generates these lines

<notice> [core] Trying driver 'raspicam' from built-in drivers...
<warning> [core] Driver 'raspicam' not found
<notice> [core] Trying driver 'raspicam' from external plug-in's...
<notice> [driver] Dual Raspicam Video4Linux2 Driver v1.9.36 built Apr  8 2016
<notice> [driver] Selected format: 1280x480, encoding: mjpeg, JPEG Video Capture
<notice> [driver] Framerate max. 30 fps
<notice> [driver] ROI: 0, 0, 1, 1
<notice> [core] Device detected!
<notice> [core] Registering device node /dev/video0

but how to know if the stream is properly generated? How to access to dev/video0?

2) how to get the stream with VLC? All my tries went wrong

3) Is there any other better way to stream the stereo cameras?

Tank you all in advance.


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After following the link provided by strumpet, the correct address to stream the video with VLC is


where raspberry is the IP and port is the selected port in the uv4l command (9000 in my case).

  • BTW Typically, in a use case where you want to use network-type access to something and that is on the same device you use the special host name localhost {a.k.a. the IPv4 address: or the Ipv6 one: ::1}.
    – SlySven
    Feb 11, 2017 at 10:44

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