When I use 'Connect to Server' on my Mac, one of the folders I want to access on my Raspberry Pi is html respectively /var/www/html/.

Double clicking on the 'Home Directory' brings up the usual list but it does not include neither the html-shortcut nor the /var/www/html/-directory itself.

How do I get to that directory from my Mac?

  • I'm looking exactly for that. I'm able to mount Pi's /var/www/html on the Mac with Netatalk but still haven't figured how to save the file that I open there.
    – brasofilo
    Sep 22 '19 at 22:12

You are probably out of luck. var on the Mac is actually a link -> private/var. OS X does its best to hide these directories from users, and AFAIK Finder refuses to let you access these remotely. (I can get to /boot, /etc provided I setup netatalk to map these on the Pi, I have not tried /var. Since SIP I have found no way to get finder to access / on the Pi.)

I suggest to create a ~/home/html directory and link this to /var/www/html. does not work

This would not be without its problems, due to the differing users and permissions between the systems.

I usually just use ftp.


It's taking you to ~ (home of the user) by default. You want to go to / (root), then var, then www, then html as necessary.

If you are using a terminal, you can simply:

sudo cd /var/www/html/

As for the Mac file explorer, it depends which version you are using, but what you are looking for should be labeled either "Parent", or "Go to parent", or "Up one level" or ".." or something along those lines. Do this until you hit the root directory (indicated by /), then simply navigate through to where you need to be.

  • Unfortunately I can't do the "Parent", or "Go to parent", or "Up one level" or ".." stuff at all. I can use SSH of course but really wanted to drag and drop from my mac to a finder folder on the Pi. Thanks for the ideas, they are appreciated. Nov 29 '16 at 20:27

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