I try to build my own FTP server. I already installed pure-ftpd and created a user for the FTP connection. It works well, but now I would like to have virtual users, for which I need install PureAdmin on my Raspberry Pi. When I try it, I get the error:

E: Unable to locate package pureadmin

I tried to install PureAdmin on my laptop (Kubuntu Linux) - it was possible. Can anybody help me and explain where the problem is?


Can anybody help me and explain where is problem?

The problem is that your Kubuntu laptop is an Intel CPU-based machine, while Raspberry Pi comes with an ARM processor. Binary packages compiled for one type of architecture cannot be run on the other.

When you use apt-get install command, you are effectively asking for a binary package, which program's author or maintainer prepared (compiled) for a specified architecture. Most Linux programs are compiled and packaged for Intel-based distributions only and PureAdmin seems to be one of them.

Your only chance is probably to compile the program from the source, which is described in details in documentation. You might run however into dependency problems, so it might not be a straightforward process.

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