I downloaded Raspbian Jessie (with Pixel) from raspberrypi.org and installed it to my SD-Card via the dd command like specified in the installation guide.

Now I wanted to use the GUI, so after booting I typed in startx. But the GUI doesn't work properly. It doesn't show any icons or even the default background.

Here is a picture:

GUI on startup

The mouse works and I can open the programs in the bar above the cursor (but I don't even know how to access system settings or anything in a state like that).

How do I resolve this and properly start the GUI?

Setup: Raspberry Pi 2 B Raspberry Pi Display V 1.1

Update: My current hypothesis is, that either the image was corrupt or the SD-Card wasn't properly flashed. I downloaded the image again and used dd with bs=1M instead of bs=4M and now it works as expected.

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I guess my SD-Card image was corrupt.

I downloaded Raspbian Jessie again and used the dd command with bs=1M instead of bs=4M to copy it to the SD-Card. Now it works fine.

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