I'm planning to buy Raspberry Pi 3. And my main purpose is to connect it to display monitors that are present in my university library. They have VGA and USB ports to connect to other devices.

I like to install Windows 10 iot in Rpi3. And connect to those display monitors to use it as a system. So im thinking to use wireless keyboard and mouse with Rpi3. Does it work?

Anyone tried wirless sets with Rpi3?

And I need suggestions on which is better in OS? Linux OS or Windows10 ioT for using Rpi3.

Final question: Can I use Seagate 1TB hard drive for storing my files when I'm using Rpi3 as monitor or laptop?

  • Welcome to Raspberry Pi! Please take the tour and visit the helpcenter to see how things work here. It is preferred if you can post separate questions instead of combining your questions into one. That way, it helps the people answering your question and also others hunting for at least one of your questions. Thanks! Also note that parts of your question are highly subjective, e.g. which OS is better, which makes that hard to answer in an objective way. – Ghanima Dec 9 '16 at 9:24

I already have a Logitech keyboard+mouse (K400 Plus) with a usb dongle working on my Raspberry Pi 3 without any configuration. Just plugged and working.

I suggest you to install Linux on Raspberry Pi. In my opinion is better. But is just my opinion. :)

For first starting you will need a monitor and the keyboard, but after install an ssh server you will no need longer the keyboard. And after installing a Vnc server the monitor is not needed anymore.

And for your last question. Yes, you can plug whatever you need. A 1TB Seagate hard disk is ok if you plug it by usb.

  • I can report that the Logitech K400 also works with LibreELEC/Kodi and RetroCade. – Stavr00 Jan 9 '17 at 19:25

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