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I am a beginner and this is my second pi the first one broke but the camera just worked the other day


I struggled with the same problem for hours before the forehead-slap-worthy realization that I had the camera cable inserted upside down into the raspberry pi's slot :/ Thought I'd post that here in case it helps others :)


The error message on the screen you posted contains a clear instruction what to do:

Try running sudo raspi-config and ensure that the camera has been enabled.

This problem "Out of memory" is also described in the FAQ for Pi camera with clear instructions:

Run sudo raspi-config, select the “Enable Camera” option, select “Enable”, and then “Finish”. You will need to reboot to complete the process.

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    what could be a reason if this doesn't help ? :I
    – Boern
    Jun 21 '17 at 16:48
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    this does not work for me...
    – JustWe
    Jun 6 '18 at 2:05

I must have slightly knocked the camera ribbon where it connected on the board and started getting this error. After I re-seated the ribbon, it started working again.

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