It's quite confusing when using EmulationStation with a keyboard that the [A] button is the only way to select a menu item. Usually the <Enter> (Return) key will not be assigned to [A] but, out of habit, users keep pressing <Enter> and expecting the menu item to be selected. In my case <Enter> was actually assigned to "Start" so it got really confusing.

Is there any way to have 2 keys (e.g. <A> and <Enter>) assigned to the [A] button function?

[A] = The virtual A button on console controllers

<A> = The physical A button on the keyboard



I'm guessing it is not possible to assign 2 physical buttons to one virtual button so I ended up just assigning <Enter> to [A] and <Esc> to [B] and not using the keyboard for any console games.

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