I have an embedded zero I'd like to power from a battery pack with 4 AAs. I know I can connect the leads the the GPIO as well as cutting apart a cable to plug in but I am wondering if I could solder them to the pads underneath the power plug.

These ones: (pp5 and pp2)

enter image description here

So do these lead to power? If so which is positive and which is negative?

  • I would use a Monk Makes RaspPiRobot Board V3 to power my pi with batteries. Commented Dec 13, 2016 at 15:52

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This source lists the test pads of the Pi Zero and their function as follows:

PP1 USB +5V Input
PP8 3.3V

The official schematics (see top left corner) also list PP5 as GND.

enter image description here

Powering the Pi from AA batteries itself has been discussed before (such as buck/boost converters to adjust the voltage), e.g.:

Without proper voltage regulation connecting the batteries might pose some issues during discharge of the batteries - voltage is too high with fresh batteries, too low on empty batteries.


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