I have a Raspberry Pi with an up to date Raspbian installation and I am using code blocks tools to compile an example program from PIGPIO. The compile fails with an:

undefined reference to 'clock_nanosleep'

From what I have been able to learn from google searches it seems that clock_nanosleep is a function that requires time.h to be included.

What library or code is missing that contains clock_nanosleep and how do I go about explaining to Code::Blocks where to find it?

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A great Linux resource for C functions are the man pages.

If you execute man clock_nanosleep it will tell you which includes you need. It will also tell you that you may need to include the real time library with -lrt.

You are probably missing -lrt in your build command.

  • Wonderful, thank you very much. You diagnosed the problem exactly, I was missing the -lrt
    – TimxDunn
    Dec 15, 2016 at 22:36

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