I broke my boot partition and had to rebuild it. Both cmdline and config.txt are gone and I had to start over. The rest of the system is untouched. Unfortunately, I forgot how they were configured and now aplay (and therefore mpd) find no soundcards.

I think I missconfigured my /boot/config.txt. My goal is to have a resolution of 800x480 60p and to have mpd as well as kodi use an external USB soundcard.



hdmi_cvt=800 480 60 6

Unfortunately I still get no sound: sudo aplay -l results in aplay: device_list:268: no soundcards found...

Since I didn't touch any config files outside /boot, I think the error must be in the file posted above.

Update: I was able to reproduce the behavior on a different Raspi. There I backed up the files config and cmdline, but exactly the same thing happened.

Update: The USB-attached wireless keyboard is not working either. It may be an USB-related problem. What's strange is that all devices show up in lsusb.

What is the problem with it? Thanks in advance!


Solution: Install updates again. The problem with MPD and the USB keyboard was due to a bug in a packet that got installed along with the update (maybe the kernel, but I don't know). It was unrelated to the boot files. Today's updates solved the problem. Everything is back to normal.

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