I would like to use a Raspberry Pi to inflate a balloon. To do that I need a pump/compressor that I can control (essentially turn on/off, but psi readings would be great too) with the Pi. In my research, I haven't found a pump that was specifically built to be connected to the Pi. Do you have any recommendations regarding pumps? We're talking about a regularly sized party balloon here. And the pump/compressor should be as small as possible, but still powerful enough to inflate the balloon in under a minute.

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    And what the role of the Pi would be? – Dmitry Grigoryev Dec 20 '16 at 13:08
  • There is a web console to start the pump, read the pressure, display it, stop the pump once the preset pressure is reached – simplex123 Dec 20 '16 at 17:29

I would get a cheap tire inflator (one that lets you set the pressure) that runs from a cigarette lighter. Then I would cut the plug off the power cable, attach it to a 12V relay, and control the relay from the Pi. To avoid needing another power source to run the relay you might want to look for a relay board designed specifically for the Pi (these are widely available from the usual Pi suppliers).

  • This seems doable and very cheap, thank you! Would it be possible to add this sensor to the mix to read out the air pressure of the balloon? HONEYWELL ABPLANT005PG2A3 – simplex123 Dec 20 '16 at 17:32
  • FYI you did not link to a sensor. But most of the inflators come with a pressure gauge built in. The one I have you turn the dial to set the pressure at which the compressor turns off. If you want another pressure gauge you could cobble together a little plumbing and insert the gauge between the compressor output and the balloon. – Steve Robillard Dec 20 '16 at 17:34
  • I was not allowed to link it, thatswhy I pasted the name of the sensor for google-fu purposes ;) The issue is, that I want to control the pump based on the pressure in the balloon. A preset or fixed pressure isn't working for me – simplex123 Dec 21 '16 at 6:10
  • My comments still apply. – Steve Robillard Dec 21 '16 at 6:21

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