I have made a piece of code with pygame on the Raspberry Pi and I want to run it through the Android app JuiceSSH so I can use it on my Android phone. But whenever I run it on my phone, even with 'sudo', it returns an error 'unable to open a console terminal'

Is there any possible way to open a terminal on my Android phone so the pygame graphic console terminal will pop up?

(I have seen other similar questions/answer but they do not help with this situation)

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JuiceSSH is an SSH client which in its free version offers only shell (text) access.

JuiceSSH Pro - a paid version of this app - allows X11 forwarding and integrates with an X Server app.

Refer to the How to tunnel X over SSH using Port Forwarding guide.

On Raspberry Pi side you need to ensure ForwardX11 yes option is set in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

And then you need to add an environment variable DISPLAY before running your program.

As a side note, ConnectBot SSH client for Android seems to support X11 forwarding and it's free.

  • hi, thanks, but on the website it says to enter an address. do it type 'ssh.myxdomain.com' literally or is there something else that is suppose to go there?
    – jjislam
    Dec 21, 2016 at 20:04
  • It must be an address of your Raspberry Pi - either a DNS name, or the IP address.
    – techraf
    Dec 21, 2016 at 22:28

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