Supposing I am more interested in power consumption than the lifespan of the HDD, does Raspberry Pi 3 power down automatically an external USB hard disk?

If it doesn't do it automatically by default, can I set it up to do so (I am thinking of getting a RPI3 with Ubuntu Mate 16.04)?


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Yes. Here's what I use:

hdparm -B 127 /dev/sda
hdparm -S 242 /dev/sda

From the command line as the pi user you would have to add sudo there. The first line enables spin down. The second one sets it to happen after 1 hour of inactivity. This is documented in man hdparm. You may need to sudo apt install hdparm first.

Beware that's the device node (sda), not a partition (sda1).

It also requires that your drive be compatible with whatever generic protocol that is. I have never found one that isn't, but they are out there.

My drive is appropriately lifeless when checked. I use it mounted via network, and if it is spun down, when accessed it takes a second or two to spin up. Often this does not happen immediately because there can be some information about the filesystem cached, so, e.g., you may navigate down into a directory tree and at some arbitrary point there will be a bit of a freeze before you can keep going.

Other than that, leaving partitions mounted is not affected by spin down, nor vice versa (spin down is not affected by leaving partitions mounted).


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