So I found a Samsung charger with no quick charge just a normal one. But it outputs 5.3 V and 2 A. I've read at other forums that it shouldn't pass 5.25 V. So I wonder if it still safe to use it to my Raspberry Pi 3 B. If not recommend me what I should look for.

  • Raspberry Pi Power Limitations
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The tolerance range for the supply voltage on the Raspberry Pi is 5V±5%, that means min 4.75V and max 5.25V. But ±10% should still be safe for electronic devices, so 5.3V will probably work, even though it is not perfect.

I have even read someone used a power supply with 5.7V, which still seemed to work fine. What I have read as well is that the Pi has a protection circuit which will cut off the power if it exceeds 6V.

So yours is probably fine and will not cause any damage.

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