I want to build a voice controlled system for very simple tasks using the RPi. Like lighting an LED or running a motor. But I want to set up the voice system in my own language and define my own custom words and actions associated with them. I am not looking for creating complex commands such as searching online etc. Is this doable? Where do I even begin?

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    I would start with controlling a motor led etc. then add voice control (normal language) and only when I was sure the first two worked as expected go about inventing my own language. If not done this way you will have a nightmare trying to debug the system. Does it not work because of an electronics problem? Software? the voice recognition? the parser? pattern matcher? etc. Dec 24, 2016 at 17:20
  • Thanks for the tip! But again, how do you get started on the speech recognition part?
    – Ananda
    Dec 24, 2016 at 17:34
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    Welcome to the Raspberry Pi flavoured corner of the Stack Exchange Network. I think Mr @SteveRobillard has not noticed that English may not be your native language and that you want to know if there are any speech recognition systems/libraries/methods that work for other, real languages used in the world at the moment, not ones that are being constructed by the coder or a group of enthusiasts. (I guess Esperanto and Klingon are included in the former groups)...!
    – SlySven
    Dec 29, 2016 at 2:33

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According to this related question on our sister Stack Exchange "Can I get Speech Recognition in language other than English on Android?" Pocket Sphinx might be a possible route to go down. The answer there suggested that it only had Language Models and Dictionary Files for English languages - perhaps that has improved since the answer was given a couple of years ago.

For the record Pocket Sphinx is one of a group of Speech recognition engines collective called CMU Sphinx from Carnegie Mellon University.


you can refer this link : https://diyhacking.com/best-voice-recognition-software-for-raspberry-pi

and also this one : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26827178/voice-to-text-translator-raspberry-pi

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