I have a PI and I need to develop an application to sense between 8 to 16 temperature sensors.

  1. BMP180 and a multiplexer have been a PITA and I havent been able to make it work.
  2. Is there any other way like: BLE sensors (but cheap), I developed a BLE app with Node.js and it was very simple.
  3. Or maybe a multiplexer with an SDK already tested?
  • Not an answer because it's unclear what you've tried in terms of "multiplexing" but the usual way to do this is via something like i2c. There are a few tutorials about the specific case of sensors connected with i2c and the Pi. Is there something about this approach that doesn't meet your requirements? – user67761 Sep 24 '17 at 13:33
  • 2
    Have you looked at using ds18b20's and 1-wire instead? They are cheap and easy to read several at once, connected by just 1 wire. Check learn.adafruit.com/… for more info on this. – steviethecat Feb 2 '18 at 7:31

It cannot be done with Bluetooth; source:-

Bluetooth support is limited at this stage; you can pair with pretty much anything, but you can only usefully connect to devices which support either the Human Interface Device or Audio Sink services – in other words, mice, keyboards and other UI devices, and speakers and headsets.

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  • well I used Texas Instrument Sensor Tag with NODEJS, I was able to connect 2 and read from the two easily, however the price of this one is 30 dollars, which would make the product we sell innacessible comparted to BMP180 or 280 sensors – Luis Valencia Dec 27 '16 at 22:38

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